The company has a business model (an ongoing xls calculator) to focus energy efficiency measurer. Testing in 12 different applications segments, such as agricultural and industrial companies, schools and other public structures (e.g. a sport center and a public office). Next step: let's best projects help to strike the european key targets for year 2030 such as cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, share for renewable energy and improvement in energy efficiency.

Let us ask you for suitable financial coverage to carry out your energy efficiency project

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Enter the data that your company consumes energy from January 1st to April 30th (f1+f2+f3) 

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Energy is measured with different units of measurement. In order to make a comparison between the sources, it is necessary to make the data "comparable". This condition is possible with the conversion into Equivalent Tons of TOE Oil (source conversion's  data Italian  GU 81/2014).