Findata is an Italian company founded back in 2000 - based in Sicily - to support persons in financial theme to realize new development projects. 

As a result, we show the most interesting business projects - active or immediately buildable achievable.
An acquisition is also proposed, subordinating the purchase to the activation of the procedure for accessing public grants.

To invest in Sicily
(23 -12-2019)

IN BULDING.  Etna international and multimedia museum to be built  near  volcano, on the slopes of Etna and contextual new adjacent luxury accommodation facility. Equipped with technical project and first approval and business plan for the opening. Includes the purchase of the land for 4 hectares and the "turnkey" construction (operational program: 30 months).  

IN BULDING Resort with 144 beds, on the east coast from Catania to Messina facing the sea. For a total of 6000 square meters of land. Equipped with a building permit for the opening of the resort. Includes the purchase of the land and the "chiavi in mano" open the hotel (operational program: 30 months). 

Turistic port of 300 boat on the east coast of Sicily. 
Equipped office facilities, distributor of benzine for boats - shipyard
- restaurant and bar - offices for charter -Average. 

IN BULDING. Hostel of 44 beds, in San Berillo at Catania , in a vintage building with affreschi on three above-ground elevations. For a total of 1000 square meters. Five-minute walk to Catania Central Station. Equipped with permission to ri making to authorize the opening of a resort. Includes building purchase and "keys in hand" to open the hotel 

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